Phase 2 Summary

Hey there guys ;),

The second phase for the google summer of code is over, and it was though. I clearly did not start well, “more than one and a half week of inactivity”. This post is about what I was able to achieve during the time remaining time.

My Sprint:

This is what was planned for this phase:

  • Implementing the Formatting aspect along with all its subaspects (Done)
  • Refactoring the smell aspect adding more aspects and more tastes (Done)
  • Refactoring the spelling aspect adding more aspect  (Done)
  • Annotating results of bears’ whose aspect have been implemented (Postponed to the next phase

I had a very limited time as explained in my previous post, and is what was done. The Root.Formatting was implemented along with all its subaspects  and here is sub-aspect tree representing  it.


The Root.Smell and Root.Spelling were refactored and improved and here is the end result:



Code reviews:
I had a review sprint In the meantime. I did it because i wanted to get reviews for my PR as soon as possible and it was so much fun; I think i will do that at least every two weeks ;). Here are the golden rules of code reviews:
“Don’t stay idle waiting for someone to review your PR,  be the reviewer,  review someone else’ s PR; the more you do that, the sooner you get reviews.”
“The bigger your PR, the less reviews you get and the longer it takes to get merged”

More aspects, more docs and bears’ results annotation. ;).


This was a really though phase for me, I didn’t have enough time, but i was able to do something and that is all thanks to Lasse, John, Max, Stefan, Udayan and Yash; guys thanks a ton.
Looking forward evaluation, let’s hope it turns out well ;).

See you soon.


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