Phase 2 Summary

Hey there guys ;), The second phase for the google summer of code is over, and it was though. I clearly did not start well, “more than one and a half week of inactivity”. This post is about what I was able to achieve during the time remaining time. My Sprint: This is what was… Continue reading Phase 2 Summary


GSoC Mid-Phase 1

Hey there guys,  I hope you are doing just fine; It’s been 17 days since the GSoC’s coding phase has started and this post is just about what i have done so far. Overview This is what has been done so far: Implemented the Root.Smell aspect along with all its subaspects including the Smell.ClassSmell, Smell.MethodSmell, Smell.Complexity,… Continue reading GSoC Mid-Phase 1

Community Bonding

Hey there guys! The community bonding period for the GSoC is coming to an end, and  so far it has been an awesome experience working with my mentors Stefan and Udayan. What did I do during this period? We were told to open milestones on coala’s gitlab repository dedicated to the GSoC for all the phases of the… Continue reading Community Bonding